About Our Cars


Some history

Bugsy is a 1986 Asquuth Mascot. The Asquith company built vintage style vehicles based on Ford Transit running gear both commercial vans as well as buses and limousines. 

For the last few years he worked in Brecon and the surrounding area until he was purchased by ourselves in December 2018.

We are looking forward to him being used for many weddings in his new location.

Ruby is anAustin 10. She was originally registered in 1935 in New Zealand. 

In her later life she was used as a wedding car in New Zealand before being imported to the UK in 1998.

She had an eventful start to life with us when, on her first photo shoot outing, she was hit by another car at a roundabout just 2 miles from home.

Now fully repaired and looking as good as new  we are looking forward to many years of service for our clients.

Jessie is an S Type Jaguar built in 2000.

She has a smooth 3 litre V6 petrol engine making her powerful yet extremely refined and quiet.

She spent most of her life on the Isle of Wight until being sold to a dealer in London in 2018. 

She is the perfect car if you are looking for a modern classic rather than a vintage vehicle for your special day.

Rosie is the latest addition to our fleet. She is a Bramwith limousine with a landau rear roof which can be folded down on those hot summer days. 

She was built in 2004 and is based on  1987 Ford Granada mechanicals with a 2.9 litre V6 engine and automatic transmission making her very smooth to drive. She was previously owned by a wedding car company in Plymouth, Devon from where we aquired her in April 2019. She is a great addition to our fleet and compliments Bugsy and Ruby very well